Benefits of Membership

As a self-governed organization, the MCCF offers its members a great deal of flexibility in structuring loans that support business and affordable housing development in their respective communities.

  • Members have the capacity to originate loans of up to ten times the amount they contributed to the Fund.
  • The professional fund manager works closely with members, prospective borrowers, and other lenders in analyzing and structuring financing deals that will best meet the needs of both borrowers and lenders.
  • In addition to overall fund administration, the MCCF fund manager is responsible for loan closings and negotiating the sale of loans to the secondary market.
  • All of the paperwork and report filings required under the Minnesota business subsidy law is handled by the fund manager, which allows members to focus their time and efforts on other development projects.
  • Members have ongoing access to the technical assistance and expertise available from the MCCF fund manager, even for financings that do not utilize the Minnesota Community Capital Fund as a resource.
  • In addition to the loan pool capitalized by member contributions, the MCCF intends to offer members access to other financing resources in the future. Specifically, an application is now pending for US Treasury Department certification of the MCCF as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). Once certified, the Fund will apply for Federal funds to support the expansion of MCCF’s economic development mission.